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How To Use An Evergreen Funnel System to Launch Your Digital Business, With The New Discovery of A.I. Technology To Write For You!


Making money online with an average of $333 per day?

Ask most people who are getting started and they’ll tell you... that’s the DREAM.

Truth is, for someone who's new, having a digital business that generates $10K/month is a massive accomplishment.

Because most of the new people spend a ton of time and money and can't even make $50/day after 6 months. Some have even been stuck for years and they'll be too embarrassed to tell you.

But it doesn’t HAVE to be this way, since 2023. Because starting from 2023, A.I is here to help.

With the right tools and support, this can be your most successful year ever.

We're going to use A.I. technology to help you succeed, which means getting A.I. to work for you. This will not just save you half the time, but it can even do a BETTER JOB than you doing it by yourself.

We're going to train you STEP-BY-STEP; this is even suitable for beginners.

Today, with the resources available, you can still build a new internet income stream without being an expert.

Even if you don't have a product to sell or aren’t planning to create one, you can simply earn consistently from affiliate marketing or get paid for recommending other people's products.

So, inside this letter, you’re going to find an exclusive invitation to join me.

Forget Everything Else for A Moment - Here Are The 3 Things Needed to Start Making Money Online!

Now, of course, apart from these 3 things that I'm about to share with you, you can't succeed if you don't have the right attitude and an entrepreneurial mindset.

But the good news is, I think you have both of them. Otherwise, it's very unlikely you're reading this letter about succeeding online.

So, let's start...

1. Only Acquire Objective-Driven Knowledge!

When I first started in 2003, before I became an internet millionaire, I didn't have the Knowledge. I started as a newbie and struggled. This is why it was so hard to achieve success when we first get started - we don't even know what to do!

There are all kinds of "biz opps" being pushed on us, with each Guru trying to promote an opportunity to us. 

And back then, it wasn’t because of inactions either. Trust me, I was taking A LOT of actions but they are just not bringing any results. As a matter of fact, they made me so tired and frustrated working at night. Made me mad.

Have you taken actions and yet, all of those actions are not bringing you closer to your dream at all?

I remember I bought a "magic software" 2 decades ago. When I went to bed at that time, I was so excited because I thought I was going to make money the next day after activating it. In fact, I could not even sleep, I was too excited!

The next morning, nothing happened.

As I think about it TODAY, I cannot imagine how silly I was to believe in quick-rich stuff. How could a piece of software make money for me while I was sleeping!?!

You see, having knowledge will not just help you to move closer to your dream, but will also save you from believing and doing stupid stuff (like I did 20 years ago).

In my opinion, having knowledge is also the ultimate way to WORKING SMART.

Remember the first time you learned how to drive a car?

Imagine if you were not given the correct knowledge on how to drive but just pieces of information from here and there. You’d maybe watch some YouTube videos and take advice from friends.

Obviously, you'd crash, right?

Although eventually, you'll figure it out on your own, but that would mean you would have crashed so many times and you'd be lucky if you survived from death! 

Metaphorically, most newbies never survived. 

Thus, they'll say that digital businesses don't work. It killed them. Truth is, it didn't work for them because they were not invested in the right knowledge to begin with.

You need to get the knowledge that gives you the exact steps that will lead you to success, guaranteed!

Right knowledge is defined by strategies that have been tested and proven to work.

There's no quick-rich. The only ones getting rich are the ones shovelling quick-rich dreams to you.

But there's definitely a proper way to start, build and grow a DIGITAL BUSINESS as an entrepreneur.

Once you have a business, the business generates income for you because there are people from all around the world who buy from you.

Imagine this...

You gain the right knowledge on how to attract prospects to your website and get them interested in what you have to offer.

Then, all you do is convert the prospects into customers. And you don't have to worry about "running out of prospects" because the world's your market and your digital business is working 24 hours a day!

The good news is, this process becomes easy when you have the SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE to achieve this, not some random general knowledge.

Best part is, once you acquired the specialized knowledge, it's with you forever. 

It's the best investment I could ever think of because you'll now have the expertise to be independent in generating online income whenever you want to work.

2. A Coach to Ensure Your Success!

Have you ever wondered this - Out of 100 people who attend a seminar, why are there so few who succeed?

After all, they were all given the same knowledge!

And assumingly, all of them took the actions... yet, it's impossible to have a 100% success rate. 

Strange, right? Scientifically, not at all. It's just logical.

The reason is, not everyone can understand the knowledge successfully.

This is why the ones with a coach will achieve success. Because the coach's job is to ensure you are on the right track and if you are unsure about anything, you have someone reliable to help you. To review. To validate.

I can't stress enough how important a coach is. If you just stop going to all of the seminars and workshops for the entire year but just get an expert coach to help you, I think you'll achieve success QUICKER.

Unfortunately, most people don't "understand" that formula and that's why they continue to hop around different courses.

Because having a coach will also eliminate all of the other distractions that aren't helping you to achieve your desired income goal!

Truth is, most of my coaching students are those who have gone through many courses...

Attended several seminars and workshops...

Watched many webinars...

Follow plenty of Gurus...

And so on.

Because ironically, most newbies do not know the value of having a coach - until they've gone through the journey of self-learning and continued to fail. And wasted so much money. Some even wasted years dabbling around.

It really doesn't have to be this way.

After all, there's no one to prove. It's online. I feel that when it comes to building a business, the only thing that counts is the money you're going to make and deposit into your bank for your family's future.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could now be certain that your hard work will be worthwhile and you'll be able to build an internet income stream?

Well, truth is, you have the privilege to own that certainty right now - get a coach who has done it before to be by your side!

3. Taking Action to Build It!

The last one is building the online business. After training thousands of newbies all around the world, online and offline, I can confidently say that this is the biggest hurdle for most.
But believe it or not, it's not their fault for procrastinating!

When I was building my online business as a side hustle, it was very difficult. In fact, I could not achieve any breakthrough at all.

You see, there are 2 realistic challenges to taking action and building a business...

Realistic Challenge #1: It's hard to finding time to do it

Let's assume you have a day job or you are a full-time parent who is taking care of your children which I think is the most noble job of all, sacrificing your own career for the family. Family is the priority. Heck, the only reason why I'm still working today is because of my family, I want to make sure I can be a good parent and role model for my kids.

Anyway, here's the reality of "finding time for side hustling"...

After working for 8 hours a day, spending some time with your family and resting your body, you would be lucky to still have 2 hours left of free time to build your online business. It's not easy, I've been in those shoes. 

With those little 2 hours left per day, honestly, there's really nothing much that can be done! 

Yes, it's possible but it requires an insane drive and perseverance to make it happen. Come on, let's be honest with each other, how many people in this world have that?

Realistic Challenge #2: It's overwhelming to start something new

Interestingly, learning is the easy part and getting coached is exciting. 

But when it comes to doing it correctly, it takes real experience. I mean, I could teach you my strategies for writing this letter but when you want to put them into practice, it may not turn out the same, true?

The reason why I can write is not just because of following a particular format and having the copywriting knowledge, but it's also because I've written countless letters to become good at it.

Although you could have all of the information in front of you, it can still be overwhelming to take the first step to start. Furthermore, if you haven't even gotten started before, it's difficult to pick WHAT to begin with!

This is also the reason why having a coach helps to prevent becoming overwhelmed. 

Removing the overwhelmed feeling means you can get started.

If you can start, you can build an online business.

If you can build, you can start generating an internet income stream.

I'm Going To Train You For FREE

You see, I've accidentally discovered the most powerful evergreen funnel system ever. And the most interesting part is, most Gurus aren't even aware of it.

Here's the story...

A few years ago, during the COVID lockdowns, I started doing live classes for newbies. I was just doing it to give value because most people were at home at that time.

But surprisingly, these free classes started generating income for me - without needing to do any hard selling of products. 

After that, I've turned the live classes into "evergreen classes" and they're still as effective as they were to generate income! I called, this the Free Training Series Funnel.

The best part is, you can create this in almost any niche available - parenting, relationship, health, fitness, business, pets, hobbies, finance and the list goes on! It's literally unlimited for the newbie market.

Because of this, I've started a coaching program to teach my clients how to do it, it was called, the Newbie To Expert Coaching.

The Newbie To Expert Launchpad Worth $997 For Free!

From the intensive coaching program, we've taken the training modules and put it together systematically to become a modular training program. With this, you'll now be able to go through it step-by-step...

Introducing the Newbie To Expert Launchpad. It details the entire system for building your own Free Training Series Funnel that could work for you, evergreen.

It means, once it's all setup, it can continue to work for you to make money online.

The entire program consist of 11 modules, with a total of 10 hours ++ training from A to Z. This means, if you like, you could complete the entire training in just days. Perhaps, even in a weekend. Here are the modules...

Class #1 – Creating Your Free Offer

In this module, you’ll learn the framework of creating a free offer that can be used to build your database. As a marketer, you’ll need to have a free offer to build a mailing list.

Class #2 – Brand & Positioning

You'll discover the strategy to position yourself in your market and differentiate from other marketers. This is how you get the lion's share in the market and not fighting for the crumbs anymore.

Class #3 – Content Sourcing & Research

You don't need to be an expert in any niche to start the Training Series Funnel because I'm going to show you the secret to researching for content to create your free offer product.

Class #4 – 11-Step Copywriting Checklist for Landing Page

With this funnel model, the best part is, you don't need to be a copywriting expert. What you'll need is to simply follow a 11-step copywriting checklist for your webpage to convert well.

Class #5 – Video Presentation Creation

In the Training Series Model, it's not necessary for you to do live classes. You can create the video presentations to be turned into an "evergreen system" and in this module, we'll show you how to do this.

Class #6 – How To Hire In Fiverr

We’ll walk you through the steps and also, the tips on how to hire an outsourcer online. By learning this, it could help your business to grow tremendously as many parts of your online business tasks can be outsourced!

Class #7 – Digital Business Monetization Strategy Part 1

So, how do you make money from free classes or videos? In this model, you’ll learn the overall monetizations method.

Class #8 – Creating Your Paid Offer – The "Add On" Product

In the past modules, we've been focusing on building the digital business with free product. In this module, the training will be on how to create the paid offer for your prospect to buy. This will be the "add on" product constructed based on your free product.

Class #9 – Digital Business Monetization Strategy Part 2

This is the part 2 of monetizing your Training Series Funnel with automation and without needing to create high-ticket products.

Class #10 – How To Setup Your Email Follow Ups

This will be a technical training to show you how to setup your email autoresponder by following what we’ve been covering in Newbie To Expert Launchpad. Once this is setup, you will be able to send out sequential email follow ups to your list and automate your marketing profitably.

Class #11 – How I Start My First Online Digital Business

In this training, I'm going to teach you "how to start", the same mindset and strategy that had enabled me to overcome inaction. If I didn’t do this back in 2003 when I don't have any know-how, brand, skill, etc, I wouldn’t have build today’s digital business empire. I believe, you're in the same shoe as me when you first get started, this is why this module is so crucial for your success.
At this stage, I think you would agree with me that... 

if you have (i) the proven knowledge, (ii) a coach to help you and (iii) something to build for you, it's very likely you can start your digital business and generate a nice monthly income in no time. Perhaps not at $10K/month immediately, but to start making $100/day is not a problem.

The good news is, I'm going to give you the Newbie To Expert Launchpad training worth $997 for free when you invest in the tool, community and support (which you need anyway).

Introducing the new eIncome Program.

This program is also suitable for those who have already tried and failed in the past.

After all, two decades ago, I was a newbie, too. That was back in 2003. Apart from the magic push-button software, I even believed that filling paid surveys will work and I've tried all kinds of "biz opps".

Newbies will fall for claims like, "buy this course to become a millionaire". In reality, not only they don’t get richer, they get poorer by wasting their time and money.

Luckily, I came to my senses and started to take action towards building a real online digital business.

That's how I became an internet millionaire - by getting sales through online marketing, not by clicking some push-button magic software.

Truth is, the internet is an amazing platform that allows us to reach mass customers, operate 24/7 and adds automation. You just need to know how to build a business by using it.

For a business to be profitable, it offers a product (whether free or paid). A business CANNOT make money without offering any value to the market.

Anyway, it took me 8 gruesome months to just make my first sale...
  • I Worked until 1.00 AM each night, sometimes up to 2.00 AM
  • ​After 8 months of working hard, I only managed to make my first affiliate sale in 2003
  • ​But in 2004, I was able to make over $24,000. It took me 8 months to make $13 (the first sale), but only a few months to make over $24K because I had already gained the specialized knowledge needed
The reason why it's so hard to make the first sale is that when you are a newbie, you don't even know if what you are doing is correct or not.

But once you've passed that stage, it's easy to go up!

The SECRET is to break through the newbie stage permanently. If you can be patient to do that first, there's an online fortune waiting for you to tap on.

The eIncome Program is a 10-month program with the option to continue after a year. It's developed by me and systemized to help even newbies to get off the ground and to generate income from their online digital business.

The good news is, there are just 5 steps for you to master and execute. 

We're going to be very focused and goal-driven.

So, throughout the 10 months, we'll be focusing on these so that you can build a solid online digital business and start generating online income...

Step #1. Your Online Digital Business Model

I'll be teaching and coaching you to build a digital business, not physical product eCommerce. Which means, the information product business by using the Free Training Series Funnel. But this doesn't mean you need to create an info-product to sell, you could be doing affiliate marketing for income or becoming an "influencer".

Step #2: Your Monetization Methods

Once you understand the business and can start building it, then you'll need to monetize it. There are different strategies for monetization, depending on your stage of development. 

Step #3: Your Website

How do you create the websites needed for the business to start and grow? "Websites" include funnels, lead capture pages, Facebook fan pages, etc. You are not going to build all of these in one week, but progressively, depending on what kind of funnel you would wish to deploy.

Step #4: How to Promote Your Website and Offer

This is where we'll cover traffic and promotions. They are 2 different things because traffic is basically about driving visitors to your website while promotion is HOW to promote your offer. Even with just traffic alone, there are so many different types and strategies.

Step #5: Conversions for Leads and Sales

Once the business is already running and getting traffic, we'll get into strategies for getting leads and sales. This is the part where we'll optimize the current conversion and traffic strategies or start exploring different strategies for the digital business!

Here are the 3 components of the eIncome Program...
Component #1: The Automating.Online A.I. Writer Platform
Remember the most challenging part for beginners to start making money online? 

It's because they were not able to build based on what they've learned!

So, I'm going to help you to compress a week's work into just one day with A.I.

In an interview with James Cameron, he was asked why it took him 13 years to make the second Avatar movie.

His answer? Because the special effect technology he needed hadn't been invented yet - until recently.

This is why I'm so excited from the year 2023 onward because the A.I. technology is finally here to help you, otherwise, I wouldn't have launched the Digital Income Accelerator!

Imagine using A.I. to help you write your content and marketing materials such as:
  • Social media campaigns
  • ​Content for blogs and pages
  • ​Email follow ups and broadcasts
  • ​Ad copies
  • ​Video scripts
  • ​Course's outline
  • ​Guides and manuals
All of the above are content and writings I've taught in my trainings and previously, there hadn’t been any available technology to create them for you and you had to produce them on your own...

But right now, the technology is here! 

You can even create guides and manuals with A.I.!

From here onwards, you can just rely on A.I. to do most of the writings for you. What a relief.

The fact is, you can use our Automating.Online A.I. Platform to easily do this heavy-lifting work for you. I'm also proud to share with you that the A.I. backbone we are using is based on ChatGPT, probably the most leading A.I. technology in the market today, that's owned by Elon Musk.

So, after you've mastered the business and marketing strategies in my system, I'll be training you on how to use A.I. to produce your content and prepare your marketing materials.

Here's an accurate way how to use the Automating.Online A.I. Writer Platform:

After you've learn the strategies from the Newbie To Expert Launchpad, you'll want to build the business. You can use our A.I Writer to help you create the course's outline, the email follow ups, etc!

This is what I mean by emphasizing that A.I can now help you to BUILD your digital business easily. But you'll still need to have the Knowledge of what to build and how to build.
Component #2: Two Monthly Live Zoom Calls
Each month, we'll have a minimum of 2 live Zoom classes training. While the Launchpad gives you the training needed for the core business, the Zoom Calls are to give you ongoing training and the latest strategies for building a digital business. The Zoom Calls will also include training on using the Automating.Online A.I. Writer Platform for specific purpose to align with our digital business training.

Just like with any skills or expertise, the more training you get, the more skilful you are going to be - on top of what you're already learning and mastering.

And once you have gotten started building, there will be live "audit sessions" to review your progress and to coach you. Some of these audit sessions will be done by me, which means, it's like having me to consult your business without paying 25K for my advice.

At the same time, this is also your opportunity to learn from other students because when we're doing the marketing audit and review for others, you'll also get see and hear the tweaks.

If you're unable to attend live, no problem. You'll also get the recorded versions later on.
Component #3: Private Group Coaching And Community with Patric Chan
I'll coach you directly in the coaching group too. Yes, no coaches from my company or external coaches. 

As an eIncome client, you'll be accepted to be in a private closed-door group. Here, you'll be able to post to get advice and help from me related to the training in Newbie To Expert Launchpad and the Zoom Calls. And once you’ve taken action, I’ll also be able to give you coaching to progress.

Do keep in mind that I won't be teaching you any A-to-Z systems in the coaching. Because whatever you need to learn about the Free Training Series Funnel is already available inside the Digital Business Vault. 

For instance, have you played golf?

I've played before and I need to hire a personal coach to train me on how to swing the golf club. Then, whenever I'm practicing, I'm just swinging it based on the method he taught me - I don't swing based on "freestyle" and ask him to coach. He would probably fire me if I'm asking him things he didn't teach.

If it's a technical or very basic question like "where to buy a domain name", my team can also respond to you. 

I'll also be sharing quick tips and resources I'm currently using in my company.

"Now That You Have a Clear Direction to Launch, Are You Ready to Start Or - You Are Still Going To Wait?

I've already helped you to map out your path and here's how it goes smoothly from here:

First, get access to the Newbie To Expert Launchpad for the specialized knowledge that you need to launch your Training Series Funnel to build an evergreen digital business.

During this period, I'll also be available to guide and coach you...

- To answer any questions you may have while going through the trainings
- To review your chosen niche market and give you personal feedback
- To help you get started by showing you the next steps to take
- To review your development as you're progressing
- To overcome any of your challenges of getting started on the right track!

Then, use Automating.Online A.I. Platform to help you write the content and other writing materials that are needed.

This is the best part because you can focus on being the entrepreneur, without being the content creator and copywriter. Furthermore, it also means you'll be easily saving $5,000 on paying ghostwriters and copywriters.

As you build your business, hop on the monthly Zoom Calls to learn new strategies to apply into your business and the training needed to master A.I writing.

But more importantly, you need to know WHY you want the extra money.

Some of my students wanted to start a digital business because they have some debts such as bank loans that they wish to pay off.

Some would like to have a "backup" income, in case something happens to their existing source of income or even their job.

Some would want to have another stream of disposable income to invest in stocks or cryptos. Having an investment for the future is always a good idea.

Some would like an extra windfall profit to be able to afford a much nicer holiday or simply to buy something new for themselves. It could be a new watch or even a car!

And some are just tired of their jobs. They no longer want to be instructed by their bosses and don't want to continue stressing in their working places.

Whatever your reason is...

Having a new source of predictable income from an online business would be ideal because unlike a conventional business, many parts of an online business can be automated and outsourced. Furthermore, it's low-cost and yet, high-profit with a worldwide market to sell.


To enhance your knowledge, I've hand-picked 4 additional courses that are in line with Newbie To Expert Launchpad. Here are the bonuses...

BONUS #1: Social Media Micro Content Traffic Worth $99 

My latest discovery with social media is micro-content. The Social Media Micro Content Traffic is a 2-video training where I teach about using Reels, Shorts and TikTok to get traffic and promote your brand!

The course will walk you through how to create the content and promote it, regardless of what niche you are in. If you haven't started doing this yet, it's very important you start ASAP because the trend won't be here forever. Right now, micro-content will allow you to get exposure for free to those who don't even know you or about you!

BONUS #2: Creating Your Affiliate Funnel (4 Videos) Worth $199 

If you are not planning to create your own product to sell at this moment in time, that's absolutely okay because you can use affiliate marketing to make money online. This bonus will teach you how.

For instance, if you don't have any courses to sell, you can share someone's else course. And when there are sales made, you'll get paid as much as 50% automatically, but you don't need to create the course and do any fulfillment!

In this training, not only I'll be teaching you the advanced strategy of creating affiliate funnels, but the training will also include basics such as how to pick an affiliate offer.

This way, when you have a list built from the Training Series Funnel, you can send them to an affiliate funnel.

BONUS #3: Get My SOP FB Ads Training (5 Videos) Worth $199

To scale up my Facebook Ad campaign, I have created an SOP (standard operating procedure) company. With this SOP in place, I just need to pass my blueprint to my team member to run my Facebook ads. Today, my in-house Facebook ads SOP can be YOURS! 

It'll be VERY SPECIFIC, step-by-step and the entire SOP will be in video format to show you how to generate new leads for your online business every day. You'll get the exact system I'm using to make Facebook ads profitable for our company.

There are a total of 5 modules that will show you all of the elements needed to put up an ad campaign, from choosing the audience to creating the ad copy. On top of that, it also teaches you how to manage and scale up your ads after your ads are running!

BONUS #4: Instant Sales Letter Template And Fill-In-The-Blanks Swipe File (10 Templates) Worth $997

This is a complete sales letter template for you to customize for your digital business, so that you don't need to be a copywriting expert anymore. You'll get a fill-in-the-blanks swipe file for headlines, sub-headlines, bullet points, book intros, money-back guarantees and so on!

So, when you want to "write" a sales copy, a registration page, etc, just take the copy from the swipe files. They are amazingly helpful when you need quick templates.
So, here's the recap of what you're getting today in the eIncome Program:
The Newbie to Expert Launchpad worth $997 for FREE
Component #1: The Automating.Online A.I. Writer Platform
Component #2: Two Monthly Live Zoom Calls
Component #3: Private Group Coaching And Community with Patric Chan
4 BONUSES worth $1,494:

Bonus #1: The Social Media Micro Content Traffic (2 videos) worth $99
Bonus #2: Creating Your Affiliate Funnel (4 Videos) worth $199
Bonus #3: Get My SOP Facebook Ads Training (5 Videos) worth $199
Bonus #4: Instant Sales Letter Template and Fill-In-The-Blanks Swipe File (10 Templates) worth $997
Frankly, this is the most comprehensive program you'll ever join, period. It's not just the knowledge, but each of the 3 components will literally solve the challenge of starting for any beginner!

It's about having a system that you can follow to achieve success, without guessing anymore.

NEW BONUS! The Facebook Social Media Traffic & Branding Class Worth $495 For Free!

A few years ago, I did a class to teach about using Facebook for traffic and branding, where the live attendees paid $1,000 to attend then.

But honestly, I don't think the strategies taught are as effective as they were anymore. I mean, Facebook has so many new strategies and trends right now.

Therefore, I did a brand new class to teach for 2023 and beyond for my coaching students, it's called the Facebook Social Media Traffic & Branding Class.

This class is not about social media marketing like you've heard about.

I mean, should you do like Gary Vee, producing so much omnipresent content or Grant Cardone's videos with a jet? 

Don't get me wrong - I greatly respect both of them. But don't get delusional; you can do anything like theirs if you are one person guy. Even if you have some employees, you can't be producing any content near their levels because they have a team that is highly TRAINED for just social media.

This is why the Facebook Social Media Traffic & Branding Class will teach different strategies where you don't need 100K fans. Or even 10K.

You also don't need to spend a fortune on ads. You don't even need to.

Lastly, you don't even need a team to get started with my system. If you don't want to hire anyone to help you, you can do it yourself. I've tested to do it before hiring anyone to help out. Not hard at all.

In other words, this class is about using social media to build your brand and getting organic traffic, which is workable for normal people and businesses.

At the same time...
1. It'll be focused on Facebook. Here's why - Facebook is still the king of social media. And if you can do well on Facebook, naturally, you'll be resourceful to adapt the system to other platforms. 
2. It's suitable for any business, whether online or offline. In the class, I will not be teaching on one specific industry, but to keep it "open" so that you can use the system for any business.
3. Doesn't matter if you have a business or not. If you don't have a business yet, you could be using Facebook to launch it, but if you already have one, this is your opportunity to build your brand and get more free traffic. 

Here's a sneak peak of it, for you to review the quality...

"How much does it cost to join the eIncome Program today?"

This is a 10-month program so that we can work together to help you launch your business. Humbly, I think it's highly valuable as you'll never find this anywhere else in the world...

* My 20 years of credibility and reputation on it...

* My expertise to construct the entire system and putting them into a blueprint for you to follow easily...

* The amount of insane work involved to offer coaching, support and guidance in a private group...

* The top quality of the live classes you'll be getting...

* The commitment to working with you for 10 months...

* You'll be able to network with my other coaching students...

* Learning the proven system that has worked for so many of my students...

* A tailor-made system for those who have already "tried" and "failed" with courses.

A program like this would easily cost $4,000/year.

But instead of that, I'm going to make it affordable for everyone.

In fact, you don't even need to pay the full fee today but "pay as you grow".

So here's what I'm willing to do for you:

Giving you the A.I software, supporting you each month and allowing you to attend live Zoom calls for less than $100 per month.

In fact, I'll do it better for you - your investment is just $90/month.

Let me emphasize again, I'm giving you the knowledge FOR FREE. You're just paying to cover my expenses to support you with the A.I software and high value service. 

Ridiculously, it's so affordable that my online business coaching is even cheaper than hiring a piano teacher from to teach playing music. No kidding.

So, for you to join today, the question is very simple:

When you're given the proven knowledge to build a digital business...

Getting access to me for coaching and advice...

Using a powerful A.I. tool to help you produce written content and write your marketing ads...

Do you think you could make at least a measly ninety bucks?

If you are not confident with that, then this program is definitely not for you. Because the only way you could fail to make money is not believing what you can do and achieve. Frankly, if you have no plans for taking action, there's really nothing much I can help you with because I don't have a "quick-rich" scheme available.

But the truth is, you could even make $90/day instead of a month!

That's a ridiculous 30X return.

Because to earn $90 per day, all it takes is just about 2-3 sales. I am confident that I can show you how to achieve that inside the eIncome Program today.

Once you're no longer a newbie, then you can set a bigger goal of $10K/month. Fair?

The bad news is this offer can be closed AT ANY TIME.

When is "ANY TIME"? 

It's really simple -- if the current students are progressing and getting results, I'll increase the price. It's just basic supply and demand. And I'm here to build a business too, I'm sorry to say that $90/month hardly breaks even for my expenses. Humbly, I'll need to charge a fair $200/month to make it worth the effort. 

But here's another good news for you...

You're not too late yet. 

It's the perfect time to start with the right knowledge, tool and coaching.

More good news?

Money Back Guarantee Is Included!

To make it 100% beneficial to you, you are protected with a 100% money-back guarantee for the next 30 days.

Here's what it means:

You can start my training today. You can ask me questions and get me to guide and coach you. After that, get my A.I. software to create the content for you. And by then, if you still think I don't deliver enough value, you can request to cancel and I'll give you a refund.

You have zero risks and all of the risk is on me -- it'll cost me money to make the A.I. tool available for you and I'll never ever going to get back my time spent coaching you.

That’s how far I'm stretching out here just to help you achieve your success in these 30 days!

So, are you in?

If you don’t want to miss that, I encourage you to grab it immediately by choosing the option below:

Option #1: Just $90/month for 10 months

This is a NO CONTRACT program. After 10 months, we'll cancel your subscription for this introductory offered price. But if you join now, we'll honor this super deal.

Option #2: Single Payment of Just $990 for 12 months access (get 2 more months for free!)

This is a NO CONTRACT program. You'll not be charged after 12 months as this a one-time off investment at this introductory offered price.
EXTRA BONUS: The Automating.Online Contest Platform 12 Months Access Worth $588!
If you choose the one-time payment, on top of getting 2 extra months of eIncome Program worth $180, you'll also get the Automating.Online Contest Platform for free!  With the Contest Platform, you'll be able to run contest and giveaways to get referrals. For instance, after they've subscribe, there will be actions for them to perform like sharing in social media or following your profiles to get points. The more points they get, the more likely they can win prizes. This is the same software that I use in my giveaway to build my list.
Warm regards,

Patric Chan

P.S: You'll be surprised at how much you could have achieved in 10 months when you are following the right knowledge and getting proper coaching. Otherwise, next year, it's still going to be the same. You'll continue buying more courses and attending more seminars, yet, you still won’t seem to be able to launch anything and will still be stuck...

It's harsh to say, but how long do you want to continue buying courses or attending webinars to waste time and money?

Honestly, you'll save more money if you join a coaching program and be laser-focused. On top of that, a few months down the road, you would have "exited" the newbie stage and have a real digital business that you monetize profitably.

About Patric Chan

  • Spoken in 12 countries including United States, UK, China, Singapore,  Malaysia, etc as an authority of internet marketing
  • ​ClickBank Platinum Partner for 7 years 
  • ​​​Author of 3 best-selling books including multiple Amazon bestsellers
  • ​​​​​Patric Chan and his products have been featured in CNN, & Forbes
  • Featured in an international best-selling entrepreneurial book together with Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, T. Harv Eker and others
  • ​Invited to speak by Penang State Government and in a University about online entrepreneurship
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